What is M3 Link?
M3 Link is a web-based business intelligence software that has been implemented by more than a thousand hotels in the United States. M3 Link seamlessly reports property management system (PMS), Smith Travel Research, guest satisfaction, and financial data in one place across different hotels.

What is M3 Link University Program?
M3 Link University Program was developed by M3 Accounting + Analytics in partnership with the University of South Florida Sarasota-Manatee. M3 Link University program provides university professors and students with an access to a database with information for 17 different hotels for one semester, as well as with a set of assignments to be completed using the M3 Link business intelligence system.

How can I get my log-in credentials?
Professors: Please review the page For Instructors to find the steps how to subscribe for the M3 Link University Program. Please contact Katerina at katerina@katerinaberezina.com.
Students: You will receive your log-in credentials from your course professor.

Where can I find the assignments?
All assignments may be found on the M3LinkUniversity.com website on the Assignments webpage.

Where can I find the instructions for the assignments?
All instructions may be found on the M3LinkUniversity.com website on the Assignments webpage next to the assignments.

What should I do if I have log in problems?
Please do not contact M3 Accounting + Analytics for questions. For questions about subscriptions, account access and log in issues feel free to contact Katerina at katerina@katerinaberezina.com.

Any other questions?
Email Katerina at katerina@katerinaberezina.com
Please do NOT contact M3 Accounting + Analytics for any questions regarding the access or assignments.