M3 Link Syllabus Add-on

Dear Instructors,

You can add this part into your syllabus for M3 Link:

M3 Link Web-based Hotel Business Intelligence System:

M3 Link is a real-life web-based business intelligence system that is being used by about 1000 hotels. As a part of the M3 Link University Program, M3 Accounting + Analytics make M3 Link available for hospitality and tourism students. Students will receive an access to a database with information for 13 different hotels for one semester.

In order to learn more about M3 Link and the M3 Link University Program please go to the website www.M3LinkUniversity.com. All assignments are available in the section For Students, under the Assignments tab (https://m3linkuniversity.com/for-students/assignments).

Please do not contact M3 Accounting + Analytics for questions. For any questions feel free to contact Dr. Katerina Berezina ([email protected]).